What is the steam mop? is it useful?


We have seen a lot of mops, but have you seen or heard […]

We have seen a lot of mops, but have you seen or heard the steam mop? What is the steam mop? is it useful?

Steam mop is the use of high pressure to generate steam to clean oil, dirt, stubborn stains, that is, clean and sterilized. Steam mops can have a multiplier effect in the kitchen and bathroom corners. The steam mop is good for this problem, the answer is yes.

The steam mop has the function of removing oil stains, dirt and stubborn stains. It can remove the smog oil stains, toilet stains, urine stains, stains on leather sofas, and the old stubborn stains left by the hands that are often touched by the hands of refrigerators and microwave ovens.

The steam mop has the function of cleaning edges, seams and corners. Floors, edging, corners, door frames, windows, drawers, partitions, sinks, cabinets, sofa edges, bottoms, etc. where rags or mops cannot be scrubbed, just a light spray, 130 ° C high temperature The vapor can easily make these stubborn stains adhering to these dead ends fall off, and the original dirty place is immediately refreshed. This is the power of the steam mop.

The steam mop has the function of efficiently cleaning glassware.

What is the use of the steam cleaner?

1. When using the product replacement parts, do not rub hard down, unscrew the helmet from the top to the bottom in the counterclockwise direction, add 1 cup of water as required, and be careful not to inject too much water. Turn the helmet clockwise, assemble the accessories according to the items to be cleaned, and connect the power plug. The power indicator will light. After waiting for 3-4 minutes, press and hold the steam jet button to eject the steam and use it.

2. After cleaning, leave the cleaner for a while and let the body cool completely. Please keep it in a cool place. It is strictly forbidden to spray vapors on people, pets and plants.

3. Do not put detergent or soapy water when cleaning. Always use ordinary tap water.

How to maintain the steam cleaner?

If you want to use the high-temperature steam cleaner for a longer period of time, the cleaning effect is better. When using the high-temperature steam cleaner, you need to check and clean the appliance regularly, so that we can clean more dirt for us. . Should pay attention to the maintenance of high temperature steam cleaners on weekdays. It is necessary to check the parts of the high-temperature steam cleaner every day, replace the lubricant once every three months, and clean the inlet filter every two weeks.