What are the common electric kettles


1. Stainless steel electric kettle After the stainless […]

1. Stainless steel electric kettle

After the stainless steel electric kettle is boiled, it will automatically cut off the electricity. It has dry burning protection and can also rotate the stainless steel kettle body. It is beautiful and clean.

2. Insulation electric kettle

The heat preservation electric kettle adopts a stainless steel inner tank, which can make the water enter the heat preservation state after opening, and also has the function of dry dry burning and the function of breaking the melt, can be rotated freely, and is elegant and easy to clean.

3. Set stainless steel electric kettle

The biggest feature of the set stainless steel electric kettle is that it can realize boiling water and brewing tea. Its transparent glass teapot and built-in stainless steel strainer bring great convenience to the friends who make tea, and can boil water while making teapots. error.

4. Plastic electric kettle

Plastic electric kettle, although the price is cheap, but very practical, triple safety protection device, you can use it with confidence.

5. Ceramic electric kettle

The ceramic electric kettle has a bright and beautiful appearance. The biggest feature is that the spout has a filter screen to filter impurities and make the drinking water healthier and more environmentally friendly.

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