Tips on using hair straightener


How to use the hair straightener 1. Read the instructio […]

How to use the hair straightener

1. Read the instruction manual of the hair straightener in detail;

2, first wash the hair, no need to use conditioner;

3. Dry your hair or blow it off with a hair dryer;

4. Turn on the hair straightener and let the heating plate warm up for a few minutes;

5, the hair partitions that need to be processed are combed smoothly;

6. Use a straightener to hold the hair and slowly pull it from the root to the top;

7. The hair is processed layer by layer according to steps 5 and 6.

8. Disconnect the power and cool the hair straightener after the hair is processed.

How to make curls on the hair straightener

In the first step, prepare an hair straightener.

The second step is to wash the hair and blow it dry with a hair dryer, but be careful not to blow it completely, and blow it until 7/8 minutes.

In the third step, the hair is divided into two parts, which are separated by clips. Take a bunch of hair from the right side, hold it with the hair straightener, pull it to the end of the hair, hold it firmly, and wrap the hair in the same direction. On the splint, stay for about 10 seconds, and the rest of the hair can follow the above steps.

The fourth step is to tidy up all the curled hair by hand.

Precautions for using hair straighteners

1. The hair straightener belongs to a high temperature electrical appliance, and do not touch the heating plate with your hand;

2. Use the hair straightener to determine the hair is dry;

3, pay attention to the use of hair straighteners to keep moving, do not stay on the hair;

4, the amount of hair caught each time is not too much, too thick, otherwise the straight hair effect is not good;

5. After each use, wait until the temperature of the hair straightener drops to room temperature before storing and storing.