Tips of using steam mop


The steam mop has a nice look, and the size of the mop […]

The steam mop has a nice look, and the size of the mop is easy to replace and can be replaced without bending over. The water tank is not particularly large but sufficient to provide sufficient steam. The 158-square-meter four-bedroom is just enough to be dragged from the inside out, without adding a second water.

It is very convenient to use, the amount of steam is large, and it feels very clean and disinfected. It will not be wet after being towed, and the family says it is good.

Every time you clean the room with steam mop, add a few drops of perfume to the water during use, and the room will be full of fragrant scent throughout the day. It can be sterilized, disinfected, and if there are children or pets in the house, you must have encountered some children crawling on the floor and pets have some pet fleas. Having a steam mop is the best cleaning tool to eliminate indoor pollutants. The high temperature dust removal and cleaning of the steam mop is less labor-saving than the ordinary mop, and the high temperature can instantly kill the bacteria, mites, microorganisms and pathogens remaining on the floor. After mopping the floor, the steam will evaporate immediately. There will be no water marks on the floor, which can clean and disinfect and prevent the wooden floor from expanding and deforming. It can also get rid of unsanitary mops and buckets.