The principle and use of steam cleaners


1. The steam cleaner uses a special steam generation sy […]

1. The steam cleaner uses a special steam generation system with a water pump, which can quickly convert clean water into high-temperature and high-pressure steam in about 30 seconds. It can be widely used for sterilization, dust removal and decontamination by using high-temperature and high-pressure steam. Degreasing, in addition to odor, suitable for use in units, homes, schools.

2, green and environmentally friendly design, only use clean water, no need to add any cleaning agent in the cleaning process to ensure that secondary pollution will not occur during the cleaning process.

3, the machine is light in weight, small in size, steam does not hurt people outside 10CM. Easy to operate, safe and reliable, complete accessories make your cleaning work more convenient and labor-saving.

4. The steam cleaner has two different pressure steams to choose from, which is very practical. A file of pure steam, suitable for cleaning and deodorizing and ironing, the second gear with the right amount of water, suitable for cleaning and degreasing.

5. The steam cleaning machine can add water anytime and anywhere during the use process, which makes the cleaning work continuous and the working time can be extended continuously, safe and fast.

The steam cleaner has a unique cleaning effect and is the best for modern cleaning. It is equipped with a variety of accessories with different functions and different uses. With the powerful degreasing power of steam, it can remove bacteria, microorganisms and tiny impurities. The steam brush can be directly used. For daily cleaning of the floor, the door and window glass, mirror, sofa, floor, bathroom fixtures and many hard-to-clean corners can be thoroughly cleaned every day.