Floor stains are super stubborn, steam mop dissolves at a higher temperature


There are always so many housework in my life, and I ca […]

There are always so many housework in my life, and I can’t finish it, so I’m talking to the family workers here: hard work!

Whoever has done housework knows that there should be a deep understanding of how hard it is.

Some people may do it for a day or only for half a day, and they will be repelled by the tiredness brought by the housework, and they have to end up with a wolverine gesture!

Mopping the land should be one of the most laborious household chores. If the family is small, it will be acceptable if it is dragged. If there are buildings with several floors, the total floor area will be very fatal.

Moreover, some stubborn stains will be encountered during the mopping process, and it is difficult to clean up how to drag them.

In the floor area of ​​the restaurant and kitchen, it is very easy to touch these stains. For example, when eating, the family accidentally scattered the juice on the ground; when cooking, the cooking can't control the splash of oil to the floor... Wait until the drag It was discovered that these stains were already dry and firmly adhered to the floor and difficult to remove.

When encountering these stubborn stains, it is difficult to remove them to ordinary mops, so if you encounter these steam mops, then the stubborn stains on the ground, the high-temperature steam it sprays, can quickly dissolve the stubborn stains, so you can clean up Adding is easy and simple.