Steam mop help clean every corner of your house


Don't think that the floor of your home is cleaned up. […]

Don't think that the floor of your home is cleaned up. There are many bacteria that are invisible to the naked eye. Especially for families with baby who will just climb and walk, sterilization is very important, safety is more important. After all, we can't be like daily high temperature. Sterilize like a pot of boiling water, and can not use anti-virus agents with various chemical ingredients.

Home cleaning has always been a difficult problem in life. With the development of technology and the upgrading of cleaning tools, people are experiencing the changes of the times on the road of cleanliness. Although lazy occupies certain factors, it is healthier and more comfortable. The home experience is the hot spot that people are most concerned about at the moment. From brooms, mops, vacuum cleaners to sweeping robots, people are making progress on cleaning tools. Now, what you need to know is the steam mop. What's the best thing about it? Let's take a look!

High temperature steam mopping, the sterilization rate is as high as 99%, floor, tile, wood floor can be used, no bending can save energy, easy to give the home a clean environment.

Recommended reason:

Sterilization + cleaning, high temperature sterilization, no need to disinfect water, give your baby a clean and comfortable environment.

Wood, tile and wooden floors can be used in a variety of clean environments, with uniform steam output and a wide range of applications.

No need to bend over, 180 degree rotating head, easy to operate and labor-saving.

After the baby will climb, the room can become a baby's playground everywhere, crawling everywhere, and occasionally grabbing the toys on the ground into the mouth, so the ground is clean and especially important. Dust removal is easy, and the latent bacteria are invisible to the naked eye. It is the wish of every mom and dad to give the baby a comfortable and clean environment and let the baby play healthily. Steam mop is the principle of high temperature disinfection, cleaning and sterilization in one step.

Use steam to remove viruses, bacteria and stains, no need to disinfect water, avoid the stimulation and odor caused by disinfection water, and easily remove bacteria to achieve deep cleaning effect. It is a good companion for home life, and it is an ideal choice for sending family members to friends.