Steam cleaning is highly regarded, the hotel is popular with steam engines


In recent years, steam cleaning has attracted more and […]

In recent years, steam cleaning has attracted more and more attention from hotels. The major hotels have introduced steam cleaners for the treatment of hotel carpets, water stains and mildew stains on the countertops of the bathrooms, and the managers who are used to the traditional cleaning methods are refreshing.

Steam cleaning is a typical physical cleaning method. Its main working principle is to eliminate the stubborn stains by infiltrating the deepest layer of high-temperature saturated steam generated by high temperature and destroying the bonding force between them. At the same time, various bacteria, aphids, microorganisms and pathogens attached to the object can be partially eliminated by means of high temperature and high pressure steam.

Use spot stain special cleaning agent to remove stains such as tea stains, coffee, red wine and oil stains on carpets and fabric sofas. The procedure is cumbersome and has chemical residue. After stain treatment, there will be obvious color difference. Steam cleaning completely avoids the above-mentioned shortcomings. High-temperature and high-pressure saturated steam penetrates into the carpet fiber and rapidly decomposes the dirt particles in the pores. It is efficient and quick, has no chemical residue, no discoloration and fading, and is favored by the hotel.

The wash basin, bathtub and toilet in the bathroom of the hotel room are generally cleaned with detergent. After a long time, the surface of the hand basin and bathtub is gradually destroyed due to the corrosion of the cleaning agent, which makes the bathtub of the hotel extremely susceptible to dirt, yellowing and hard to clean. With a steam cleaner, the wash basin, bathtub and toilet can be quickly cleaned by high-temperature steam with a special cleaning head. No chemical reagents are needed, no damage to the restroom facilities, and the service life of the hotel facilities is extended. At the same time, the steam engine is first-class in removing the mildew stain on the marble countertops of the bathroom and the mildew on the adhesive sealing silicone.

The steam cleaner complies with the green, low-carbon cleaning trend of high-star hotels, and solves the hotel's past cleaning problems with new clean technology, which is the root cause of its popularity.