Start your home smart life with steam mop


I thought it would be clean if I wiped the floor of my […]

I thought it would be clean if I wiped the floor of my home. There are still many bacteria that are invisible to the naked eye, especially for families with baby who will just climb and walk. It is very important to remove bacteria. Safety is more important. After all, we can't use a pot of boiling water like daily high temperature sterilization. There are various chemical antiseptics. You need a steam mop in your house. The steam mop allows you to effectively clean the floor during high temperature sterilization.

When hot steam touches the ground, it is easy to remove 99.9% of viruses, bacteria and microorganisms, and high-temperature steam can effectively clean the stains. I believe that the friends who love the mopping floor know. 270° freely adjustable, the bottom of the bed, the bottom of the cabinet, the bottom of the sofa, all angles can be cleaned, in addition to the triangular mop head, the sanitary corner is not a problem.

Steam mops are for a variety of materials, such as wood, stone, ceramic tiles, etc. The water tank can store 400-450ml, which is about the amount of water in a mineral water bottle. It can be used continuously for 17-22 minutes with water. The 5 meter line length provides the user with a sufficient cleaning distance. The red light indicates heating, and the blue light can be used with confidence. It is steamed for 15 seconds and is ergonomically designed to wipe the floor clean without a bend, and it can be operated with one hand.

The steam mop is placed upright for 15 seconds to stop the steam and not damage the floor. Stand firmly and temporarily leave without worrying about the unsafe fall of the mop.