Purchase tips of steam mop according to practicality


After the high-quality steam mop is energized, the wate […]

After the high-quality steam mop is energized, the water temperature can reach 120 degrees Celsius or higher, and the ultra-high temperature dry steam is sprayed out, that is, it is dry and dry, and the high temperature descaling and sterilization, even the invisible bacteria are cleaned, truly clean and sterilized in all directions. The rate is as high as 90% or more, and the powerful cleaning effect truly protects the health of the whole family;

Purchase according to practicality

But high-quality steam mops can clean sofas, carpets, wooden floors, glass, mats, suitable for all kinds of floors, and have a wider range of cleaning, which can achieve the best cleaning effect without damaging the floor, various environments, a steam The mop can easily complete the cleaning work, and the home cleaning is more convenient, easier and more practical;

In fact, the steam mop is a kind of electric mop. It adopts the mode of high-temperature steam, and dissolves the dust and bacteria on the floor through high temperature. In addition to removing the dust on the upper surface of the floor, it also has the function of sterilization and elimination. For users who have crawling children at home, users who have high requirements for floor cleaning are still very good. However, due to the relatively large power, it is necessary to use a wire when using it, and the flexibility is limited. In addition, since it is high-temperature steam, care should be taken to avoid being burnt. Moreover, the price of steam mops is relatively expensive. For users who only need ordinary cleaning, it is recommended to purchase a wireless rotary electric mop.

The wireless rotary electric mop is also powered by electric power. It can be easily operated with one hand without bending it. And it can be used flexibly in every corner of the house without the need for wires. Relatively speaking, it is more convenient.

Is the steam mop easy to use? Relatively the electric mop is more efficient to clean than a conventional mop, and it is easy to mop. The steam mop is suitable for users who have high requirements for cleaning on the home floor, while the wireless electric mop has no wires and the body is lighter and easier to use.