Frequent use of electric kettle will not cost a lot of electricity


Generally speaking, the power of an electrical product […]

Generally speaking, the power of an electrical product determines its power consumption. The power consumption of a different power electric kettle is different when it is used. The power consumption of a 1000W electric kettle for 1.4 hours is 1 degree. The 1500W electric kettle can be used for one minute in a row for 40 minutes, so you can choose the power consumption.

At present, most of the household electric kettles we use are 1500W. The power of each type of electric kettle is not fixed. Therefore, the power of the electric kettle is also large and small. In addition to the 1500W electric kettle, there are 2000W. 1000W and 800W electric kettles. Under normal circumstances, the 1000W electric kettle consumes 1 kWh of electricity after one hour of use, but in general, it takes less than an hour to burn a hot water.

The electric kettle's power is not the largest among household appliances. The products with relatively high power in household appliances mainly include hair dryers and induction cookers, but they are not the smallest. For example, there are large-scale electrical products such as one air conditioner. Its power consumption is generally 1100W, and the 1500W electric kettle is more powerful than the 1 air conditioner.