Advantages and disadvantages of steam mop


The advantage of a steam mop is the ability to use high […]

The advantage of a steam mop is the ability to use high temperature steam sterilization. High-temperature steam disinfection is a purely physical means to kill bacteria, non-toxic and harmless to the human body, safe and environmentally friendly. And the raw materials needed are only about one liter of pure water. The steam mop can reach a temperature of 120 degrees Celsius, which is very effective for the thick oil in the kitchen. Electric steam mops can also be used in one machine.

Its high temperature steam can also be used for vertical ironing of general clothes. It can be said that you bought an electric steam mop and you not only get a mop but also harvest a clothes ironing machine. And in practice, you can also use high-temperature steam according to the specific situation.

The disadvantage of the steam mop is actually its high temperature steam. Because improper use of high-temperature steam can cause burns to the human body. If it is not placed properly, it will cause a major accident when it is sprayed by the child. Therefore, care must be taken not to spray against people and places that are not accessible to children. There is also a small flaw. The water requirement for the steam mop is pure water. Foam water and water mixed with detergent are not allowed, because the ingredients mixed in the water will react chemically during the heating process. Not good for the human body. So if you want to use detergent, you still have to use a traditional mop.

The steaming mop's disinfection ability is far from the traditional mop, but sometimes a common mop is also a good way to cope with the accidental wetness of the floor. So, you can buy an electric steam mop and a regular mop at home.


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