The most practical electric kettle purchase guide


Consumers should pay attention to the following points […]

Consumers should pay attention to the following points when purchasing electric kettles:

1, look at the material, although the plastic kettle in theory is no problem. However, there will be a taste after the water has been stored for a long time, and recently there are many additives in the plastic, and to some extent, there is no stainless steel safety.

2, according to their own situation and actual needs, generally 2-3 people can choose 1.2L ~ 1.5L electric kettle; 4-5 people can choose 1.8L ~ 2.0L electric kettle.

3. Carefully check the product's logo and instructions, as well as the product's performance and parameters, such as the company's name, address, specifications (such as capacity), model, trademark, voltage parameters, power parameters, power supply properties, etc.; there should be warnings to prevent misuse Language, there should be detailed usage methods, etc.

4. Look at the appearance of the kettle. A plastic or stainless steel casing is relatively thick and has a smoother appearance, and the quality of the product is relatively better. On the contrary, if the plastic parts are obviously rough and uneven, there is sound inside when shaking, which may be a poor quality process and poor quality products. In addition, the electric kettle is an electric appliance used for water injection. When purchasing, special attention should be paid to the sealing condition to see if there is leakage or leakage. If it is an electric kettle with an exposed heat pipe, pay attention to whether the heater and the body are installed securely when purchasing.

5. Purchase a heat preservation electric kettle with a temperature control function and a fast electric kettle. Some new electric kettles generally have a temperature control function, which automatically cuts off the electricity after the water is boiled, which can effectively prevent dry burning due to unattended operation. Avoid causing various accidents.

6. When purchasing an electric kettle, you can add a proper amount of water to test the electricity. Some products with large nominal power are getting hotter and faster. Consumers need to pay attention when selecting, and whether the electricity in the home meets the requirements. Products with temperature control function should be automatically powered off after the water is boiled, and consumers can purchase them as needed.

7. When purchasing electric kettles, consumers must check whether the electric kettle purchased by the company has the “CCC” certification mark.

8, when purchasing an electric kettle, it is best to listen to the reputation of the surrounding users. Electric kettles, such as small household electrical appliances with low technological content, do not necessarily have to be superstitious for some big brands. Although the quality inspection of large brands is strict, big brands have high advertising investment, and the corresponding product prices will be higher. .

9. If there are old people and children in the home, it is recommended to use a heat preservation kettle. This type of kettle has a special anti-scalding, anti-dumping and overflow design to protect the elderly and children.