In the new year, steam mops bring you new changes


Do you think that the floor of your home is cleaned up […]

Do you think that the floor of your home is cleaned up once? In fact, there are many bacteria that are invisible to the naked eye? Especially for families with babies who will just climb and walk, sterilization is very important. After all, we can't use a pot of boiling water like daily high temperature sterilization, and we can't use chemical additives with various chemical ingredients. Introduce a steam mop today to help you clean the floor while curing at high temperatures.

When the 120-degree high-temperature dry steam contacts the ground, it can easily take away 99.9% of viruses, bacteria and microorganisms, while the high-temperature dry steam can effectively clean the stains, 360-degree rotating head + telescopic rod, freely adjustable, bed bottom The bottom of the cabinet, the bottom of the sofa, all angles can be cleaned, in addition to the triangular mop head, the sanitary corner is not a problem.

The steam mop is suitable for tile, wood floor, marble, blanket, steam adjustment in three gears, and the switchable mode controls the speed of steam. The partners don't have to worry about the continuous high temperature steam damage to the floor.

At present, such steam mops are sold in Japan, the United States, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other places. However, such a technologically and healthy cleansing product is actually produced in China. Is it surprising to many consumers? With the leading technology to create a steam mop, Sason is synonymous with “steaming clean” and insists on independent research and development and production. The products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions such as Europe, America, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan, serving millions of families.

Steam appliances will bring not only health and cleanliness, but also a new home lifestyle.