How to use the electric kettle correctly


1. Do not repair the kettle yourself. During use, if th […]

1. Do not repair the kettle yourself. During use, if the kettle is damaged and does not work properly, do not disassemble the casing for repair. It should be sent to the repair shop or the manufacturer of the product for repair.

2. The rated power of the electric kettle is generally large. The capacity of the power plug, socket and power cord should be properly selected. Generally, the 10A specification should be used. If the rated power exceeds 2200W, the socket of larger specification should be used. In addition, these sockets should be independent. Use to ensure safety.

3. When using the electric kettle, be careful not to let the child touch the kettle body or touch the power cord to avoid accidents such as burns.

4. The plug of the electric kettle usually has a grounding pole and should be connected to a socket with a grounded socket. When in use, the power plug should be fully inserted into the socket.

5. When the electric kettle is cleaned, the electric kettle should not be immersed in water or rinsed with water to avoid damage to electrical insulation due to moisture, causing malfunction and leakage.

6. Always keep the power plug, socket, power cord and automatic switchgear of the kettle dry and clean.

7. The water injection should not exceed the maximum water level line to prevent the liquid from overflowing outside the kettle when it boils. Water injection should not be too small, otherwise it will burn quickly, especially the whistle type electric kettle, at least 30mm or more of the water is not immersed in the heating tube, otherwise the electric heating tube is easy to expose the surface and burn. Do not install water after turning on the power first, otherwise it will easily burn the heater or cause a dangerous accident.

8. When using an electric kettle, someone should look after it to avoid dry burning. If unattended, after the water is boiled, the whistling pot of the infinite thermostat will always dry the water. For the electric kettle equipped with the automatic reset thermostat, the water will be dried due to repeated heating. At this time, the over-temperature protection function is invalid, which may lead to a fire accident.

9. The electric kettle that is still connected to the power supply just after boiling is likely to cause danger when flushing or flushing the beverage. In order to avoid boiling water burns, the plug should be unplugged first, the power supply should be cut off and the boiling water should be taken to ensure safety.

10. The electric kettle has been used for a long time, and the surface of the electric heating pipe has scale. Scale not only affects thermal efficiency, but also causes a sudden increase in heat in the tube, damaging the electric heating tube. Therefore, it should be checked regularly and cleaned according to the instructions.