High temperature steam sterilization, we do not need chemical additives


Before, a mother asked me: My baby is allergic to dust […]

Before, a mother asked me: My baby is allergic to dust mites and has allergic rhinitis. The cleaning requirements at home are relatively high. It is best to be green and safe. There is no secondary pollution. What are the recommended cleaning tools? If the baby is allergic, it is best not to use all kinds of chemical cleaners, otherwise it will cause secondary pollution. Whether it's the living room or the baby room, try the steam cleaner. It can be deeply cleaned with only water, making it ideal for families with sensitive people. The reason why it has strong decontamination ability is because the steam cleaning machine can maintain the continuous high temperature above 100°. The steam pressure can instantly dissolve the stains, deep clean, achieve the effect of thorough sterilization, and the cleaning machine can also be equipped with multiple accessories. It is very practical for cleaning walls, sofas, furniture surfaces, baby's various fabrics, toys and bedding.

Nbsason steam cleaner, a multi-purpose machine, high temperature and high pressure strong steam, quickly disintegrate stains, sterilization rate of up to 99%. With a variety of functional brushes, the cleaning environment is extensive. It can clean the kitchen stove, bathroom, window sill, bedding, mat, plush toys, etc., and can also be used as a steam hang, which can easily hang hot clothes and plush fabric stains and bacteria, sterilization and mites. Without any chemicals, you only need ordinary water to achieve deep cleaning effect. Zero chemical addition provides a truly clean environment and saves water and electricity. It is a healthy and environmentally friendly household product.

The child needs care and protection most, prepare a healthy home for him, and let him grow up under your care. No nuisance harassment to enjoy comfort and health