High-temperature steam makes much more efficient clean


Cleaning is not just about removing the dirt and dust f […]

Cleaning is not just about removing the dirt and dust from the surface. Many deep places are filthy, which is still affecting the health of family members. Some deep cleaning tools are already necessary for European and American families, but Chinese families are rarely used or even completely unknown. For example, use a steam cleaner with a temperature of 120° or higher to clean the cooktop, range hood, etc. This kind of degreasing power is unmatched by scouring pad and steel ball.

The steam cleaner is a cleaning machine for stubborn stains in various environments such as kitchens and bathrooms. It sprays high-temperature steam with high-pressure impulse. It is enough to install tap water, which can remove stubborn grease without any chemicals. Can also be used with a variety of cleaning brush heads, a steam engine can solve all kinds of cleaning and disinfection problems in the home! Clean up more environment and completely remove stubborn oil.

It also cleans the bathroom tiles, mirrors, etc., to make the faucet shine. It can also be used to remove stubborn dirt on floors and floor tiles. It is suitable for daily cleaning in the kitchen 1-2 times a week. It can be cleaned at any time by installing tap water. It can sterilize tableware at high temperature and remove dirt from the cracks in cutting boards and tableware. Especially for the cleaning of baby products, such as toys, dolls, etc., high-temperature steam is gently sprayed on the surface of the object to have a disinfecting effect, the baby will be more secure.

When cleaning, be careful not to point the nozzle at the person, but also optimistic about the child, do not let the child close to the steam.

High-temperature steam cleaners can bring a lot of convenience to our lives, which is unmatched by many household cleaning tools. A machine is in hand and clean.