Electric kettle development overview


First, the demand market The faster the pace of modern […]

First, the demand market

The faster the pace of modern life, the more attention is paid to water. The international trend of "simple" has risen all the time, and people's drinking style has also become "simple". At present, in addition to office buildings and individual households using pure water or distilled water from drinking fountains, the vast majority of households still drink boiled tap water. The fast electric kettle popular in developed countries in Europe and America, because of its time-saving, energy-saving, beautiful, convenient and safe characteristics, was first favored by high-income families after entering the market, and then gradually affected the pursuit of fashion and life rhythm. The fast consumer group will become a sales hotspot that cannot be ignored.

Second, product development

In the small appliance counters of major shopping malls, you can find a wide range of products, the electric kettle with a price between 200 and 400 yuan is the most competitive. In terms of functions, each product has basic functions such as automatic steam cut-off and transparent water gauge. Some products are also designed with multiple safety protection devices, such as anti-dry burn, power off, etc., as well as detachable filters. Separate power base design. In view of the current situation of the quality of tap water in the old city of the big city, relevant professionals believe that it is possible to add functions such as impurities, chlorine removal, and automatic magnetization. The electric kettle can be used to drink tap water that has been purified several times.

Coffee, tea, instant noodles, and freshly boiled fresh water are all the habits of modern young people. The fast electric kettle reflects the fast word, which provides boiling water in the shortest time, which coincides with the rhythm of modern life.

Third, update

Fast electric kettles have undergone a major update, and their main update is the use of hidden heating tubes compared to the first generation. In the past, the hot water pipes were all made of heat pipes, and the heat pipes were bare in the water, which was neither safe nor beautiful. Today's hidden heating plates are made of stainless steel, which is safe and easy to clean. Due to the high cost and new technical content, the second-generation fast electric kettle is generally more expensive than the first generation, which leads to the concept of instant heating. Also known as the hot electric kettle.