Common sense of use and maintenance of electric kettle


1. Before using the electric kettle, the inner wall of […]

1. Before using the electric kettle, the inner wall of the appliance should be washed first.

2, the amount of water should be appropriate, beyond the upper limit water level line, will overflow when boiling; if it is below the lower limit water line, the electric kettle will not be normal.

3. After the electric kettle is filled with water, the power is turned on, and the indicator light is on, indicating that the appliance starts to heat; when the water boils about 30 minutes, the power is automatically turned off, the red indicator light is extinguished, and the operation is stopped.

4. When cleaning the electric kettle, first disconnect the power supply, remove the power cord, and then wash the kettle after cooling. Do not immerse the electric kettle, base, power cord, plug, etc. in water for cleaning.

5. The outside of the electric kettle can be cleaned with a damp cloth, but do not use volatile oil and organic cleaning solution.

6. Before the electric kettle is poured out, the power must be disconnected, and the power cord should be removed. The water should be poured out to prevent splashing of water.

7. Before using the electric kettle again, let the electric kettle cool down, check if the power connector is dry, and then inject clean water.

8, in order to reduce the accumulation of scale, each time you use up the remaining water in the electric kettle, do not leave the water in the pot overnight.